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“Working with the RHH architectural staff is so fulfilling. I support them and help find solutions to our clients' needs daily.”

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Michele was born in Baton Rouge but moved away as a young child. She had always wanted to return to the city, so six years ago, after her fourth child left the nest, she made her way back. Upon returning, she joined the RHH Architects team as Business Manager.

Michele began her career working in her family’s commercial construction business. She started out answering the phones and filing, but after 20 years was doing much more than that. She learned to do everything from reading blue prints to putting together estimates. She has brought a host of practical construction management and people skills to RHH, along with her knowledge of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Human Resources. She loves working with the team and assisting on projects while holding down the RHH financial fort.

Michele oversees the day to day financial operations of the company and works to support the entire staff.  She works hard to see that the firm’s finances stay on track to meet the owner’s financial goals as set forth yearly.

In 2017, after being a member of the Society of Design Administration for five years and serving as President the previous year, she was awarded the “Star Award” for the Baton Rouge Chapter.  SDA is the largest organization directed to Architecture/Engineering/Construction Administration. 

Most important to her is her faith, family, and friends.  She loves spending time with her grandchildren and travelling whenever she gets the chance.


Business Manager

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