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RHH ARCHITECTS is a design oriented firm that provides elegant solutions to complex problems. Through thoughtful design and a commitment to civic action and personal achievement, we are leaders of the architectural profession with our holistic and unique approach to realizing successful projects and engaging our community.

Over 20 years ago, three unique personalities with three distinct talents came together to form Remson Haley Herpin Architects. As partners, Chris, Trula,  and Sam, with mutual respect for each other’s unique value and ability, cultivated their individual strengths to become the pillars of our brand.   


Empathizeto imaginatively enter another person’s thoughts or feelings. 


Trula Remson’s ability to listen and understand, then translate the desires of RHH clients into the language of design is legendary and has provided the design team with the knowledge base for many of the firm’s signature, emotionally striking projects. Friendly and approachable yet smart and determined, Trula makes the potentially stressful and complicated process of design and construction fun and rewarding for our clients. 


Visualize to form a mental image of something incapable of being viewed, to make visible. 


Chris Remson has consistently championed the pursuit of design excellence in all the firm’s work.  His passionate belief that “good design adds value” allows him to visualize and design Public,  Commercial, and Residential spaces that literally change the lives of those who interact with  them. Along with his great sensitivity for space, light, massing, and proportion, Chris’ expertise  in utilizing materials and his eye for craft elevate every RHH design to the highest level possible. 


Actualizeto make actual or concrete, to turn into fact, to bring to fruition. 


Empathy and Vision are pointless without the ability to bring the dream to life. When Sam Herpin joined Remson Haley Architects in 1999, he brought with him a wealth of experience in Public and Commercial architecture. He also brought along the project administration and spec writing abilities that guarantee all RHH projects are constructed with the same passion and attention to detail that went into their design. Sam is the guardian of the dream from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting. 

The ability to Empathize, Visualize, and Actualize…. We recognize that it’s the balance of these qualities that make our firm special and we strive to maintain that balance. We continue to build on these qualities through the work we do, the people we hire, and the way we conduct ourselves. Although our staff and the scale and complexity of our work has grown substantially since 1993, these brand pillars still form the base of our corporate culture and are always at the foundation of every project we undertake. 


As we embark on our next quarter century as a firm, we reflect upon our previous success and focus on our core values to plot our exciting path forward. Our new name and new logo represent our evolution from a modest partnership in the early 90’s to a top tier, diverse architectural practice with immense leadership and talent to ensure fun, rewarding, and successful projects for our client partners. 

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